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ExtremeTalk: Is virtual reality the next big thing in PC gaming?

Share This article Today’s ExtremeTalk is brought to you by the recent unveil of the Oculus Rift VR’s formal hardware requirements. Virtual reality is shaping up a bit like 3-D movies did in the late 2000s, albeit with very different ...

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Witcher 3 uses dynamic resolution scaling on Xbox One to hit 1080p

Share This article As Xbox One owners know, titles often don’t run a native resolution of 1920×1080. Its underpowered GPU leaves many developers sacrificing resolution, fidelity, or frame rate to get their games up and running. However, the developers at CD Projekt ...

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Nvidia kills Icera soft modem, refocuses Tegra on automotive design

Share This article Nvidia posted its first quarter results yesterday, with strong growth in PC gaming and automotive sales. The GPU manufacturer also announced that it would cease all business operations related to its Icera softmodem technology, with the intent ...

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AMD analyst day sketches big picture, leaves critical details unanswered

Share This article Now that AMD’s first analyst day in three years has wrapped and we’ve covered the major highlights, it’s time to turn to the elephant in the room: Can AMD break into new markets and compete more effectively ...

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AMD’s upcoming Fiji GPU will feature new memory interface

Share This article Over the past few months, there’s been an ongoing question over whether or not AMD’s upcoming Fiji GPU would use High Bandwidth Memory. Most reports have pointed towards yes, and that’s been our assumption, but official confirmation ...

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Microsoft demonstrates new HoloLens prototype, talks up dedicated Holographic processor

Share This article Microsoft unveiled new prototypes and details of its HoloLens project this week, and the new technology looks like it could have a profound impact on how we use computers in the future. Like the Oculus Rift, the ...

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