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IBM announces silicon photonics breakthrough, set to break 100Gb/s barrier

Share This article IBM has announced a breakthrough in the field of silicon photonics — the first fully integrated wavelength multiplexed chip. This new device is designed to enable the manufacture of 100Gb/s optical transceivers and allow both the optical ...

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SSDs can lose data in as little as 7 days without power

Share This article SSDs have a number of advantages over conventional hard drives. They draw less power, they’re an order of magnitude faster, and while they remain more expensive in absolute terms, the size of that gap has shrunk markedly ...

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Samsung now rolling out fix for Galaxy S6 memory issues

Share This article Samsung’s Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge have secured a spot for themselves as two of the best Android phones ever released, but the launch hasn’t been entirely without problems. Since the devices appeared in-market, a number of ...

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The PS4 is being adopted faster than the PS2 in the UK — but does that matter?

Share This article Huzzah, old chap! A report has surfaced showing that Sony has sold over two million PS4s in the UK. Moving that many units in less than 18 months in a nation of 64 million people is impressive. ...

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ExtremeTalk: Windows 10 mobile can run iOS, Android apps — do you care?

Share This article At Build this week, Microsoft announced that it’s going to offer a platform for iOS and Android developers to move their apps over to Windows devices. This appears to be done in slightly different ways. Android is ...

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