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Google Is Killing its Tango Augmented Reality Platform

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Not all of Google’s projects turn out to be successful. Products like Wave, the Nexus Q, and Buzz were all relegated to the dustbin of ...

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What Is Mixed Reality, and Can It Take Augmented Reality Mainstream?

The term “mixed reality” has been thrown about a lot as of late, but pinning down a precise definition has proven elusive. After spending the day at Stanford University’s SCIEN-hosted workshop, which was full of augmented reality (AR) and mixed ...

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Apple’s Tim Cook declares augmented reality a ‘core technology’ for the company

Over the last few years, Microsoft has staked out an interest and position in augmented reality (AR) as opposed to virtual reality (VR). As the name implies, “augmented” reality is about showing the user additional information or cues over and ...

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