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Microsoft refuses to repair defective Surface Pro 3 batteries at previously promised price

When Microsoft launched the Surface Pro 3, it was fairly proud of the hardware. That hardware was generally well-received, with reviewers praising the way the platform continued to evolve over time. Back then, Surface VP Panos Pinay did a Reddit ...

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BMW i3 batteries get recycled for home power backup

BMW will provide whole house battery backup power by making use of used “second life” batteries pulled from older BMW i3 electric vehicles, either the 22-kWh battery packs or the 33-kWh newer battery packs. It provides more power than Tesla’s ...

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Quantum batteries could allow for super-fast charging thanks to entanglement

Share This article As mobile devices get more powerful, they also burn through batteries at an ever increasing rate. Capacities have been inching upward over the years, but one of the biggest improvements has been fast-charging technologies like Qualcomm’s Quick ...

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