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ExtremeTalk: Does anyone actually love Windows?

It’s the last weekend before Microsoft releases Windows 10, which means that any of you planning to take advantage of the new operating system had best be moving to do so soon. Come July 29, the new operating system will ...

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ExtremeTalk: Let’s talk about the ‘PC Master Race’

Share This article I’ve been a PC gamer since I was eight years old and my parents brought home our first computer. It was built around an 80286 processor clocked at 10MHz, with 1MB of RAM (640K base, 384K extended), ...

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ExtremeTalk: Windows 10 is coming — what will it take for you to upgrade?

Share This article As Windows 10’s release date rolls steadily onward, Microsoft has been clarifying some of the concerns and issues that users have been asking. We now know that the free upgrade offer that arrives with the operating system ...

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ExtremeTalk: Is virtual reality the next big thing in PC gaming?

Share This article Today’s ExtremeTalk is brought to you by the recent unveil of the Oculus Rift VR’s formal hardware requirements. Virtual reality is shaping up a bit like 3-D movies did in the late 2000s, albeit with very different ...

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ExtremeTalk: Windows 10 mobile can run iOS, Android apps — do you care?

Share This article At Build this week, Microsoft announced that it’s going to offer a platform for iOS and Android developers to move their apps over to Windows devices. This appears to be done in slightly different ways. Android is ...

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