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Modder Wires Iconic 1970 TV Up for Modern PC, Console Gaming

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. The 1970s were a deeply confusing time. Formica countertops were everywhere, shag carpet was popular, dark wood paneling (combined with shag carpeting) conspired to make ...

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How L1 and L2 CPU Caches Work, and Why They’re an Essential Part of Modern Chips

The development of caches and caching is one of the most significant events in the history of computing. Virtually every modern CPU core from ultra-low power chips like the ARM Cortex-A5 to the highest-end Intel Core i7 use caches. Even higher-end microcontrollers ...

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Could modern, nanoscale vacuum tubes replace transistors?

One of the topics we’ve covered multiple times at ExtremeTech is the difficulty of continuing to scale semiconductor technology, and the related problem of improving chip performance without increasing clock speed. While Intel and other manufacturers continue to search for ...

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