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Itanium’s Last Hurrah: Intel Releases the Itanium 9700 Series as the CPU Finally, Officially Dies

Today, Intel released its last updates to the Itanium family, the Itanium 9700 series. These new cores, codenamed Kittson, will be the last Itanium processors Intel manufacturers. Kittson is the first update to Poulson, which debuted a new Itanium architecture ...

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Texas toddler dies after her dental procedure

A 14-month-old Texas girl died after receiving treatment in her Austin dentist’s office Tuesday morning, officials said. Daisy Lynn Torres died around two hours after an emergency crew drove her to the hospital from Austin Children’s Dentistry, officials in the ...

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The day artist Georgia O’Keeffe dies at 98 in 1986

Ansel Adams/AP Photo shows American modernist Georgia O’Keeffe painting in her car at Ghost Ranch, N.M. (Originally published by the Daily News on March 7, 1986. This story was written by Michael McGovern.) Georgia O’Keeffe, 98, the distinguished painter and ...

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Brian Bedford, ‘Robin Hood’ voice in Disney classic, dies.

Peter Morgan/AP Brian Bedford died aged 80 in Santa Barbara, California after a two-year battle with cancer. The voice of ‘Robin Hood’ in the Disney animated classic has passed away. Brian Bedford died aged 80 in Santa Barbara, California after ...

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Teen dies after cardiac arrest at wisdom teeth operation

CaringBridge Sydney Galleger, 17, went into cardiac arrest during the teen’s wisdom tooth extraction operation on Tuesday, her anguished mother has written. Enlarge CaringBridge Galleger, a diver and Alpine skier, passed away early Friday. Enlarge Sydney Galleger, 17, died early ...

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