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Sony’s PlayStation 5 Controller Might Monitor Your Heart Rate, Sweaty Palms

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Each new console generation takes controllers to new places. Over the years we’ve gotten analog sticks, rumble, and wireless connectivity. With the PS5, Sony is ...

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Knee, hip replacements raise heart attack risk: study

Volker Schlichting/iStockPhotos Heart attack risk was highest in that first month following surgery and declined again over time. Operations to replace a knee or a hip appear to increase heart attack risk in the short term and the risk of ...

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Jessie J undergoes ‘secret’ surgery, says it's not her heart

isthatjessiej via Instagram Jessie J shared a video on Instagram with before and after photos from her ‘secret’ surgery. She was forced to cancel her Australian tour in March due to a heart condition. Jessie J went from fleek to ...

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