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Nvidia Announces Ray-Traced Quake II Coming June 6

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. One of the most interesting releases of the year isn’t a modern game at all — it’s a refreshed look at a 22 year-old title. ...

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The Steam Summer Sale Starts Thursday, June 22

The time has come for gamers the world over to joke about burying their wallets in the backyard, but they’ll never do it. The Steam Summer Sale is starting Thursday, and that means big sales on games. An embarrassingly small ...

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Microsoft will unveil Scorpio on June 11: Here’s what we’d like to see

Microsoft has announced it will take the lid off Scorpio at its E3 conference on June 11, four years after the Xbox One got taken apart by Sony during E3 2013. Scorpio, in many ways, is Microsoft’s first real chance ...

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Rumor: Nvidia may have killed Maxwell production ahead of June Pascal launch

When Nvidia demoed Pascal at GDC 2016 last month, many readers were a bit unhappy that the company didn’t give more details on what its upcoming consumer cards would look like. The latest rumors are that Nvidia may have stopped ...

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Oculus Rift pre-orders slip to early June, current orders shipping in August

The Oculus Rift is facing serious shipping issues: Day one preorder customers have been told their hardware may not ship until late May or the end of June. That’s the news reported by multiple individuals following a shipping update from ...

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D-Day invasion: reporter’s firsthand account on June 6, 1944

STF/AFP/Getty Images American troops landed on Normandy beaches to come as reinforcements during the historic D-Day, June 6, 1944, during WW2. (Originally published by the Daily News on June 7, 1944. This story was written by Donald MacKenzie.) A B-26 ...

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