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Bee-inspired robot uses static electricity to land anywhere

Robots come in all shapes and sizes these days from flexible pill-shaped robots you can swallow to humanoid robots that can walk like us. Harvard’s Microrobotics Laboratory has been working on a bee-inspired robot for a few years now, but ...

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These robotic spider legs could let helicopters land anywhere

Share This article When the US finally decided to evacuate its troops, diplomatic officers, and local allies from Vietnam in 1975, the biggest problem was a lack of helicopter landing zones. The country had left the job so late, it ...

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4K Ultra Blu-rays will land on store shelves by Christmas

Share This article If you’ve been hoping for a 4K Blu-ray upgrade to show off a swank new 4K television, Christmas 2015 should be the highlight of your year. According to Victor Matsuda, the Blu-ray Disc Association’s Global Promotions Committee ...

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