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Stasi: GOP race even sleazier with new Cruz, Trump feuds

The National Enquirer should retract their outlandish story that Sen. Ted Cruz had affairs with five women outside the bonds of his holy matrimony. After this incredible and scandalous story broke, I was personally so outraged and disgusted that I ...

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Two of three candidates in Tennessee county race die

Robert Ledford Funeral Home  Margaret Seward, 54, would have been declared the winner Tuesday, but died the same day of a heart attack. NASHVILLE, Tenn. — By the time the votes were counted, two of the three candidates vying to ...

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ExtremeTalk: Let’s talk about the ‘PC Master Race’

Share This article I’ve been a PC gamer since I was eight years old and my parents brought home our first computer. It was built around an 80286 processor clocked at 10MHz, with 1MB of RAM (640K base, 384K extended), ...

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