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Whistleblowers: The FBI’s Fingerprint Analysis Software Contains Russian Code

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. French whistleblowers have gone public with explosive claims that could trigger a wholesale review of how American law enforcment agencies collaborate with other agencies around ...

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Russian Hackers Attacked Infrastructure, Voting Data in 39 States

We already knew that Russian hackers had struck at the United States’ election in an unprecedented way in 2016, but a new report suggests there were far more attacks across the US than were previously known. Hackers didn’t just attack ...

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Russian man sentenced for killing friend in AMD vs. Nvidia GPU dispute

It’s common, in tech enthusiast circles, to conceptualize conflict between companies as a battle or war. This isn’t solely a conceit of journalists — read the comments on any GPU review or game performance debate, and it quickly becomes clear ...

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Russian lawmaker killed by husband detonating hand grenade

Instagram Oksana Bobrovskaya, 30, a member of the United Russia Party, was killed alongside her husband, Nikita Bobrovsky, in an apparent murder-suicide. The jealous husband of a young Russian lawmaker killed himself and his wife after detonating a hand grenade ...

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U.S. officials think ISIS planted bomb on Russian plane

The Russian jetliner that crashed in Egypt’s desert was likely downed by a bomb ISIS terrorists smuggled aboard, U.S. officials said Wednesday. Intercepted communications reveal that Islamic State thugs sneaked the explosive device onto Metrojet Flight 9268 before it broke ...

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Russian ships may be preparing to attack the global internet

Share This article US government sources have revealed to the New York Times growing concerns that Russian naval vessels may be threatening the global internet infrastructure. Russian ships have been seen tracing out the routes of the trans-oceanic cables that ...

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