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Secret to sexing dinosaurs found in a T. rex thigh bone

Share This article Birds are the living scion of the dinosaurs, and studying birds can offer clues to how dinosaurs worked under the hood. Paleontologists seldom find even the faintest trace of soft tissue clothing the bones of a fossilized ...

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Victoria’s Secret scent and Avon oil effective bug sprays

HANDOUT/REUTERS This is the pernicious beast we are all trying to kill. So use Victoria’s Secret perfume or Skin So Soft. Victoria’s Secret and Avon could go into the bug repellent business. A new study found that the lingerie maker’s ...

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Jessie J undergoes ‘secret’ surgery, says it's not her heart

isthatjessiej via Instagram Jessie J shared a video on Instagram with before and after photos from her ‘secret’ surgery. She was forced to cancel her Australian tour in March due to a heart condition. Jessie J went from fleek to ...

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