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Interview: NASA’s Adam Steltzner Talks Perseverance, 10 iPhones in a Box, and Why We Shouldn’t Colonize Mars

NASA’s Perseverance rover is set to touch down on Mars this week, and we had the opportunity to talk to one of the people who had a hand in bringing this mission to fruition. Adam Steltzner is the chief engineer ...

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Counterpoint: Why You Shouldn’t Buy or Upgrade to the Xbox One X

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. Terms of use. Yesterday, our own Joel Hruska wrote a post arguing for the merits of the Xbox One X. His premise is rock solid, and the hardware ...

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Why you shouldn’t pre-order an Oculus Rift

Share This article In roughly six weeks, Oculus will finally launch the Oculus Rift. Interest in the Rift has been high ever since its Kickstarter three years ago, and the company’s hardware can deliver a thrilling experience unlike anything conventional ...

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Here’s why Microsoft shouldn’t launch an Xbox ‘set top box’

Share This article Before the Xbox One launched in 2013, there was some talk of an inexpensive alternative device shipping alongside the main console. Besides a minor Xbox 360 refresh, nothing of the sort ever came out, but a similar ...

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