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Stasi: Eliot Spitzer's hooker tale shouldn't be believed

Cindy Ord/Getty Images Why should anyone trust Eliot Spitzer? He rents hookers more often than other men rent cars. He lies about paying for it in inverse proportion to the way other men lie about hitting it. He disgraces his ...

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‘Tightrope’ review: Cold War tale with complex characters

other press “Tightrope” by Simon Mawer is out now from Other Press. “Tightrope” is a bit like a game of chess. It starts out slow and at first the characters feel interchangeable. Then, about a quarter of the way in, ...

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‘Mercury Fur’'s dark dystopian tale fails to illuminate much

Jack DiFalco and Zane Pais in “Mercury Fur.” This is your brain on butterflies — and it’s not pretty. In the tense but hollow “Mercury Fur,” the delicate insects have morphed into hallucinogenic drugs with Crayola-creative names and unsettling effects. ...

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