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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X Review: The Living Room Gaming PC I’ve (Mostly) Always Wanted

Last year, not long after Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X, I declared that the upcoming console would “end” — I specifically did not say “win” — the PC/console war, not by beating the PC, but by effectively becoming a PC. ...

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Hadean Lands is the new Infocom game you’ve always wanted

We don’t usually do straight game news on ExtremeTech, but I’m going to take a risk with a post about one that harkens back to a time many ET readers may remember: the heyday of interactive fiction, from companies like Infocom and ...

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Toronto business woman wanted in stabbing at drug store

Toronto Police Service Rohinie Bisesar, 40, is wanted on an attempted murder charge after allegedly stabbing a woman at a Toronto drugstore. From business woman to armed and dangerous. A highly-regarded financier in Ontario is wanted on suspicion of the ...

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